Positives and negatives of friendship

Friendship is a strong bond or relationship between two persons. We all know friendship is a symbol of care, affection, mutual trust, and emotions, etc. in this world we give more importance for friendship relationships. All are making friendship with same wavelength persons, and we can’t see anyone this without friendships.

Friendship has no age limit and other extra things not needed. The mutual understand and trust is the base of relationship. We have all childhood, teenage, and all age level friends. People are starting their friendship at childhood and academic level; also we are creating friendship when entering a new place like job place and academic institutions.

True friendship will give support for our struggling period and give relief from the problems. All are choosing their friends with basis their characters. We can’t analyze and understand a person’s character in a single day. It must need a few days.

The regular talk, and same work or study place will create a chance to make friendship. We made friends at childhood age after met same playground and same institutions. Choosing a friend, sometimes it is a coincidence and other situations we choosing after knowing his/her character.

Friendship is sometimes giving negative impact on our life. We can see many cases in our surroundings, because negatives of friendship. Most of the people are doing their dirty crimes and activities with their friends.

Generally you may straight forward and don’t like do dirty activities, but basis of friendship you are agreeing to do that and give all support your friendship. Many men are lost their life and career because of this weakness. So you should know the negatives and positives of friendship when start to choose your buddy and also it will help to realize the relationships’ values.