Why are Apple products so expensive? Are they better?

Why are Apple products so expensive?

In a sense, the prices of consumer products are largely influenced by markets trends and not by companies as is hugely believed. In fact, if a company sets the prices of a product too high, then no one will purchase their products.

By the same token, if the prices are too low, then the increased sales might not do enough to offset the loss of revenue. The prices of Apple products are relatively higher that the conventional devices available out there on the consumer market.

all apple devices
all Apple devices

However, why is that? One may ask. Why do people regard a $1000 Macbook as a sound investment while a $500 Dell as costly? However, the main reason is that Apple products are typically of better build quality and also have relatively low servicing costs as well.

Are they better?

The cost of Apple products doesn’t just encompass the materials that go into it. It also covers various other aspects.

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For instance, the cost of developing the product might involve iterating over various prototypes to produce the best possible device for the consumer.

For a majority of companies, the process might take a year for the product to go from conceptualization to availability for purchase.

More so, the average cost of packaging Apple products such that it is not only durable but can also survive shipping also contributes to the overall cost.

Should you pay extra cash for the superior Styrofoam piece that comes with Apple products that are going to be used to protect the product from vibration?

Well, yes, this means that you Apple products will say more that provide extended functionality and users are sure of receiving the ideal value for the investment each time.

According to techarp.com, the superior craftsmanship that Apple products are synonymous with has done well for their company ethos and social proof over the years.

In fact, customers are always pitching up outside tent stores whenever there is a new Apple flagship device that is unveiled.

Apple devices

Another important aspect that contributes to the overall cost of Apple products is their unusual product development and marketing techniques.

In fact, one remarkable aspect of Apple products that usually has people lining up outside stores for their items is the fact that they only produce a few flagship devices as compared to their counterparts.

Most other companies typically provide a broad spectrum of devices to be able to target the consumer market for return on investment.

However, the social proof that Apple has garnered over the years has set it apart from its rivals.


Finally, given all these points Apple products are more expensive that other products due to their superior design and build quality. The excellent standards and product development methods that Apple implement has played a major role in the evolution of the realms of the contrivance world.

This is because many services provide either improved their production standards or perhaps adopted the strategies used by Apple In a bid to increase revenue as well as their market foothold.